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As a pharmaceutical laboratory or manufacturer of hemp-derived products, you know that the quality of your cannabinoid-based raw material is paramount. Not only for user safety, but also for your brand image.

However, finding a French CBD distillate manufacturer is not easy. Obtaining this type of hemp concentrate requires know-how and sophisticated facilities. Both of which we have at our disposal.

Green Exchange is the leading manufacturer and supplier of CBD, CBN, CBG, full and broad spectrum distillates in France. 


Our business: manufacturing full and broad spectrum CBD distillates

In our French CBD laboratory, we manufacture high-quality full spectrum and broad spectrum hemp distillates (CBD, CBN, CBG), which we sell wholesale to professionals.

In addition to attractive wholesale prices, as manufacturers we offer tailor-made advice on the various uses, as well as on the choice of distillate.

To guarantee the composition of our distillates, we systematically provide the results of analyses carried out by an independent laboratory. 

Highly sought-after, CBD distillates are used in the manufacture of cosmetics, oils, vapes, food products and many other hemp-derived products.

Why buy your hemp distillate directly to a French manufacturer?

Buying CBD, CBN, CBG distillate wholesale from a laboratory manufacturer suggests many advantages: 

  • Interesting, stable prices, because going direct means you avoid the middleman.
  • Impeccable traceability
  • The best way to offer 100% made-in-France products under your brand. We are the only French manufacturer of CBD distillates; 
  • No (or very few) stock-outs and a simplified logistics flow.

Our cannabinoid distillates available for wholesale.

Hemp distillates: what are they?

Distillates are pure hemp extracts, yellow/gold/brown in color, containing only the plant's active molecules: CBD, minor cannabinoids and terpenes. Products made with distillate allow you to take advantage of the entourage effect. 

CBD full spectrum distillates contain traces of THC (less than 0.3%, as required by law), while CBD broad spectrum distillates contain none at all. 

✨ CBD distillate 

Along with THC, CBD is the main active molecule in cannabis. Both phytocannabinoids have interesting medicinal properties, but CBD is the most widely studied and used, as it has no psychotropic effects. 

CBD distillate contains over 80% cannabidiol, minor cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, etc.) and terpenes. 

✨ CBG distillate 

CBG is often called the "mother cannabinoid", as other cannabinoids are derived from its acid form (CBGa). Some studies suggest that CBG has pain-relieving properties. 

Extremely rare, it is present in hemp flowers at less than 1%. CBG distillate is therefore an exceptional raw material, containing over 80% cannabigerol in addition to CBD, minor cannabinoids and terpenes. 

✨ CBN distillate

CBN is a minor cannabinoid (present at less than 1% in hemp flowers) derived from the oxidized form of THC. Some studies suggest that CBN has a sedative effect. 

Like CBG distillate, CBN distillate is an exceptional ingredient, as it is composed of over 80% cannabinol, in addition to CBD, minor cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Distillate production method.

Our hemp distillates are produced in our French laboratory.

Without revealing all our know-how, the distillate is obtained after several complex stages. First, the hemp flowers (organically grown) are extracted to obtain the crud oil. This crude oil is then distilled to remove the vegetable fat and chlorophyll. The result is a pure product, highly concentrated in hemp molecules. 

To find out more about our manufacturing methods, don't hesitate to contact our laboratory, which will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best possible support for your project.

Our values as a pioneering CBD laboratory

The development of our company and our laboratory depends on the trust of our customers. We have earned this trust through criteria that are important to us.

🧠 S haring knowledge: Our team loves to share its knowledge on the subject of Hemp and its by-products in order to best advise our customers in their choice.

🗒 Transparency: We know what we're doing and are happy to talk about it. There are no grey areas with us. We explain everything!

🤝 Commercial relations: Our daily priority is customer satisfaction. Why do we do this? Quite simply because a quality business relationship leads to stimulating human relations, and that's what we're looking for 🙂

Why is CBD distillate a crucial raw material?

CBD distillate is a crucial raw material for CBD market players for several key reasons:

1️⃣ Distillate composition

The distillate carries all the molecular richness of hemp, resulting in products with a unique organoleptic experience, thanks in particular to the presence of terpenes. In addition, users can take advantage of the entourage effect. 

2️⃣ Versatility in the formulation of cannabinoid-derived products

Easy to handle and ready to use, the distillate can be incorporated into a variety of product forms, including oils, capsules, edibles, topical creams, e-liquids for vapes, and more. This versatility facilitates its use in a wide range of applications.

3️⃣ Non-Psychoactive and Legality

When broad spectrum, the distillate contains no trace of THC, making it even easier to market and offering consumers a product rich in THC-free hemp molecules. If it's full spectrum, the THC content is less than 0.3% (certified by analysis), so you're protected from any legal problems.

4️⃣ Rich in natural terpenes

The distillate contains terpenes. This makes it possible to flavour any product (oil, cosmetics, e-liquids) with the taste and smell of hemp, which is an asset if you're making CBD products for consumers. In the medical sphere, the therapeutic role of terpenes is also very interesting, particularly in phytotherapy. 

5️⃣ Ease of use and regulatory compliance

The rich yet pure composition of CBD distillate facilitates compliance with government regulations, particularly in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.

6️⃣ Ideal products for Research and Development

For the research and development of new products, the use of a substance as pure and standardized as CBD distillate is beneficial. It enables a more precise assessment of the effects and potential applications of CBD and hemp molecules, particularly in the study of the entourage effect. 

In summary, CBD distillate is essential for CBD players because of its purity, versatility, legal compliance, consistency, safety, ease of regulatory compliance, and usefulness in new product research and development. This makes CBD distillate a reliable and valuable base for a multitude of products in the growing CBD market.

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