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Over the last ten years, our team of specialists has developed in-depth knowledge of cannabinoid cultivation and extraction. This know-how, coupled with our research and development efforts, enables us to offer professionals a varied, high-quality range of CBD-rich oils.


Green Exchange, CBD manufacturer and wholesaler: why buy our CBD oils?

Green Exchange was born in 2016. one of France's leading CBD manufacturers and wholesalers. Our years of experience now enable us to offer premium quality CBD products made in France, at the best prices.

Our CBD oils: French and organic

All our CBD oils are produced in our laboratorylocated in the Doubs region of France. The hemp seed oil (or argan oil, or prickly pear oil) we use is 100% organic, as is our biomass, the vast majority of which comes from the following sources from our own CBD cropswhich are located in the north of the country.

Our CBD laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art extraction techniques, enabling us to extract hemp's active ingredients in the cleanest possible way, using recyclable and/or plant-based solvents like bio ethanol.

Our CBD oils are currently in the process of obtaining a certified organic label.

The combined efforts of our sales team and our team of researchers allow us to offer our customers a range of CBD oils both varied, avant-garde and even customizable.

🔹 Wide range of concentrations to suit all consumers: from 5% to 40% CBD ;
🔹Full spectrum and broad spectrum oils;
🔹 Innovative compositions to combine the effects of two or more cannabinoids ;
🔹 Tailor-made formulas, so that our customers have the opportunity to develop their own CBD oil recipe.

In order to guarantee the composition of our CBD oils to our customers, we systematically provide the corresponding independent laboratory analysis results.

Our prices: transparent and attractive

Green Exchange is a hemp grower, manufacturer and wholesaler of CBD products.

We control the entire production chain of our CBD oils, from harvesting the biomass, to processing and packaging. This enables us to offer CBD oil at wholesale prices fair, transparent and attractive.

FAQ : Buying CBD oil wholesale

For more information about our CBD oils, please contact contact our sales team.

How to buy CBD oil wholesale?

Since CBD oil is one of the most popular products among consumers, a CBD boutique cannot afford to be without CBD oil!

However, buying CBD oil wholesale suggests large quantities of stock, and your structure may not be suitable. That's why our sales team offers customized sourcingto suit your ability and budget, while offering wholesale CBD oil. at the best price.

To buy CBD oil in bulk, simply contact our sales team. We'll make you a personalized offer at the best market price.

How do I choose my CBD wholesaler?

Here are 6 criteria to help you choose your CBD wholesaler to buy quality CBD oil at wholesale prices:

#1. A reliable traceability process biomass source, name of CBD laboratory, etc.

#2. Independent laboratory analyses systematically delivered with the products: proof of THC levels below 0.3%, as well as CBD levels, the presence of 100% natural terpenes and the absence of harmful substances.

#3. A wholesaler who also manufactures! To ensure total transparency in your supply chain, we recommend choosing a CBD wholesaler that manufactures its own products, as is the case with Green Exchange.

#4. A wide range of CBD products CBD oil, but also flowers, extracts, food products, cosmetics, etc. Order all your CBD products in one place!

#5. A capacity for innovation CBD wholesalers: because the CBD market is highly competitive and evolves rapidly, choose a CBD wholesaler capable of offering you the latest products!

#6. Personalized sales support CBD wholesalers: because every CBD store is different, it's best to find a CBD wholesaler that suits your needs.

How do I find a French CBD oil manufacturer?

No need to look any further! Green Exchange is one of France's leading manufacturers of CBD oil. We produce our oils from our own CBD flowers (grown in northern France), in our own CBD laboratory (located in the Doubs region).

Why choose Green Exchange as your CBD wholesaler?

Here are at least 4 good reasons to use Green Exchange as a CBD wholesaler to buy your oil and products:

#1. Green Exchange is a CBD wholesaler and manufacturer with us, everything is transparent! You know where your products come from (in the Doubs region), how they are made (using our own sophisticated processes) and from which raw materials (ours, organic and French);

#2. We systematically issue a certificate of analysis from an independent laboratory. With our products, you can be sure you're buying a legal product (less than 0.3% THC) with a proven composition (CBD content, absence of harmful substances, etc.);

#3. Our catalog is varied and constantly expanding CBD: we offer all kinds of CBD products to satisfy all types of customer, and we're constantly innovating to bring you the latest before anyone else.

#4. Our sales team is expert in its field and ready to listen to you We'll provide you with comprehensive product information, marketing advice and personalized support.

What CBD products are manufactured in your CBD laboratory?

Thanks to our sophisticated equipment and our team of experts, our CBD laboratory is able to develop a wide range of CBD products:

🔹CBD oils: full spectrum, broad spectrumand innovative formulas ;
🔹 CBD flowersMore than twenty indoor, greenhouse and outdoor varieties;
🔹 CBD extractswax, distillate, crumble, etc. ;
🔹 CBD resins ;
🔹 E-liquids with CBD ;
🔹 CBD cartridges ;
🔹 CBD infusions ;
🔹 CBD candies ;
🔹 Patches ;
🔹 And lots of products enriched with HHC, CBN, etc.

How are your CBD oils made?

Here are the main steps in making our CBD oils:

#1. Biomass harvesting (organic CBD flowers from our Agrican farm) ;
#2. Extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes (with cryogenic bioethanol or supercritical CO2);
#3. Remediation of the crude oil (chromography) to guarantee a THC content of less than 0.3%;
#4. Purification of crude ;
#5. Add organic hemp seed (or argan or prickly pear) oil.

Our oils are guaranteed without additives or synthetic molecules.

Do your CBD oils contain THC?

🔹 Our full spectrum oils contain less than 0.3% THC, as required by French legislation. This quantity is insufficient to cause any psychoactive effect, nevertheless, it allows us to take advantage of the entourage effect, sought after by some consumers;

🔹 Our broad spectrum oils, on the other hand, contain no THC at all. So consumers who don't want to use THC still have a wide range of oils to choose from.

How is your CBD oil packaged for wholesale?

To meet our customers' needs, we offer two types of packaging:

🔹 Packaging in individual glass vials with dosing pipette + cardboard packaging (available in two volumes: 10 ml or 30 ml); 🔹 Packaged in can for CBD oil wholesale: customized quantities.

Do you offer white-label wholesale CBD oils?

We offer our customers two marketing solutions:

🔹 Our CBD oils packaged according to the commercial identity of our Nobilis-Product brand whose communication focuses on natural well-being (consult Nobilis-Product website for more information);

🔹 Our packaged CBD oils white-labelOur customers can add their own logo, design and credo.

Is it possible to buy a customized wholesale CBD oil?

Our customers can to develop their own CBD oilwith the support and guidance of our team of experts. Together, we analyze your project and draw up a customized specification. You will then receive a sample before production begins.

Find out more about our customized solutions, contact us!

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