🧪 80% CBD Crumble

We make our crumble with organically grown cannabis extracts, and add no synthetics. Its intense taste is the result of terpenes naturally present in the plant, while its CBD content (80%) is obtained via several extraction processes that we carry out without aggressive and potentially harmful solvents.

🧐 What is CBD Crumble?

The ingredients for our crumble come from hemp flowers grown organically in Northern France by our team of expert AgriCan hemp growers. We then extract the cannabis resin contained in the flower trichomes using a non-polluting, non-aggressive and safe-to-health solvent: supercritical CO2.

Several stages of purification follow, during which we take care to preserve the molecular baggage of cannabis: cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

We then adjust the CBD concentration with isolate, a concentrate which we also produce in our laboratories, using the same processes mentioned above. When we're satisfied with the result, we have our crumble tested for CBD and THC content.

🍁 How to eat CBD Crumble?

To take full advantage of the effects of this CBD terps sauce, it' s best to buy a FRESHDAB which allows you to heat cannabis concentrate without burning it, and without damaging your lungs.

For cooks, add it to your favorite recipes, but don't forget that it absolutely must contain a fatty substance (butter, oil, cow's milk or plant milk) for your body to absorb this cannabinoid!

🧪 CBD crumble in a nutshell

Our 80% CBD crumble is an exceptional, high-quality product.

Indeed, the technique used to produce this CBD concentrate requires a great deal of expertise, expensive equipment and quality raw materials. At Green Exchange, we meet all these requirements:

  • We use hemp flowers that we grow ourselves or with our partner hemp growers with the greatest care, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers;
  • Our team is well-trained, passionate and meticulous. Everything is controlled from A to Z to ensure that the transformation processes take place in the best possible conditions, without any guesswork;
  • To extract the biological material we need from hemp, we use the supercritical CO2 method. In this way, we respect both the environment and consumer health;
  • We guarantee our customers that we do not use any products harmful to health, and that this concentrate undergoes several purification processes. To this end, we have our products analyzed by an independent laboratory;
  • With 80% CBD and a maximum concentration of terpenes, our crumble provides consumers with a unique experience;
CBD extract

📑 Features :

LaboratoryGreen Exchange
Ingredients100% extract of Cannabis Sativa L.
of CBD80%
% of CBN0,02%
THC content< 0,01%
StorageIn its original, well-closed packaging, away from light and air, in a temperate place.

Prohibited for under 18s.

Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Keep out of reach of children.

Green Exchange, French manufacturer and wholesaler of CBD products.



Our orders are shipped from France and delivered in 2 working days.


< 0,3%

All our products have a THC level levels that comply with French legislation.



Green Exchange is a French company based in Doubs (25) and Annecy (74).



All our products are laboratory-tested and supplied and supplied with analyses.

Weight ND

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